Pet Travel & Transportation

Pet Taxi
Full service pet relocation packages to and from anywhere in the world. From SoHo to Singapore, door to door, we can make it happen. Import permits, vet visits, vaccinations, quarantines, USDA, and boarding, no problem.
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JET-A-PET, a provider of domestic and international pet, dog & animal transportation & travel services, was founded in 1987 by Mel Goldman, an active member of the PHA (Professional Handlers Association) since 1967. Mr. Goldman became involved with shipping show dogs throughout the world from his boarding, grooming and training facility Town House for Dogs and Cats in Westport, CT. which he operates with his wife Sandra.

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Website featuring pet-friendly locations, destinations, accomodations and travel info.

Contact: phone: (954) 523-4209 Email: Website: publishes U.S. and Canadian pet travel guides for dogs of ALL sizes & breeds. FREE listings of dog-friendly locations and links to latest dog travel books.

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The On-Line Site for Off-Leash Dogs! Database of dog-friendly off-leash parks in the U.S. and Canada, and information on how to start your own off-leash park.
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Hike With Your Dog
At we want to help you identify the best places to hike with your dog in America and Canada. Don't leave your dog at home again - grab that leash and hit the trail! Website has national dog-friendly locations database, info on restrictions in national parks and publishes guide books.
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Central Park Paws
Central Park is a special, dog-friendly place with beautiful walks, trails, and play areas that both two- legged and four-legged friends can enjoy. PAWS represents the dog owners of Central Park. Your participation in the PAWS community can help ensure that we always feel welcome there and that the Park remains beautiful and green--a place we can enjoy with our dogs for years to come.
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Boarding & Training
Country Camp For City Dogs
Country Camp For City Dogs provides cageless boarding on a 55-acre country estate near New Paltz, New York. Door-to-door pickup/dropoff (depending on location).
Contact: John Friedman, (917) 721-5181 or (845) 255-6396.
Exclusive Dog Training
Unlike group training, a private, individualized approach to your dog's temperament and your situation is designed to succeed. Private training in our home or yours. Over 20 years experience.
Contact: Jeanna Jameson, (212) 873-DOGS. Email: Website: Exclusive Dog Training.
Pet Behavior Problems is a website designed by veterinarians to personally help your dog, cat or bird with behavior problems.
Website: Click Here.
International K-9 Training
We are trainers who have the 'real thing' - dogs that are trained from an early age to protect you and your family in real situations and not just how to bite an arm sleeve on a training field.

Although most of our dogs have excellent pedigrees, they are not selected for their paperwork. They are selected for their individual health and temperament which is correct for the demands of our program. Our dogs are friendly and dignified. Aggression is only displayed on your command or in the face of a direct threat.
Breeding and Adoption
On You Can:
•Search 132,337 adoptable pets with our advanced search.
•Locate shelters and rescue groups currently caring for adoptable pets.
•Browse our resource library and learn more about how to care for your pet.
•Post classified ads for lost or found pets, pets wanted, and pets needing homes.
•Sign up to be a volunteer to help your local shelter or rescue group.
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Breed Resources
Links to Rescue Agencies for specific breeds
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Animal Care & Control of New York City
New York City Animal Care & Control (AC&C) is the only animal care organization in New York City that never turns away animals.
Since 1995 the AC&C has been the organization responsible for New York City's municipal shelter system, rescuing, caring for, and finding loving homes for homeless and abandoned animals in New York City. AC&C facilities operate in all five boroughs, and we maintain 15 vans to pick up lost and abandoned animals throughout the city. In 2003, over 50,000 animals passed through the doors of AC&C facilities.
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Clothing and Pet Accessories
Boomer 129: Exclusive Urban Dogwear and Accessories
Named after one of his nine pitbulls, Boomer 129 is a high-end collection of urban dogwear by rapper/actor DMX. Available in pet and mass-market retail stores starting in Nov. 2003.
Contact: (845) 647-7244. Website: Boomer 129 Email:
A Beautiful Urn
A Beautiful Urn - pet urns, will do engraving on almost anything made of wood, but we specialize in urns. It's often a sad job and the cat urns, dog urns & pet urns we do occasionally still bring tears to our eyes, even though we have done many, "too many". Despite this, we have choosen to specialize in urns for pets, because of our deep love for pets.

Contact: (877)291-5521. website
Pet Health
National Animal Poison Control Center Hotline
The National Animal Poison Control Center is run by the ASPCA. They will impose a $45 consultation charge directly to your credit card if you call, but their number is staffed 24/7.
Contact: (888) 232-8870. Website: NAPCC.
Doggon' Wheels
Doggon' Wheels Wheelchairs and Support Slings are recommended by top veterinarians, physical therapists and university teaching hospitals around the world. Our support system and Adjustable Balance System for weight is simply the best for the level of comfort and support it provides your pet while allowing full range of motion for rehabilitation purposes or for pets that have limited movement in the hind legs.
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Pet Mobility
Manufacturer of "K-9 Carts"--wheelchairs for mobility-impaired pets. These carts were designed by Veterinary Orthopedic Specialist, Dr. Lincoln Parkes over 30 years ago.
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